Introducing our new All Angus Patty

Introducing our new All Angus Patty

As everything was shaken up during the pandemic, we had to address our supply-chains to ensure that we would be able to provide an uninterrupted service throughout the hard time, as well as to make sure were using the highest quality of produce.

The largest change we have made is our switch to a larger all-angus beef patty. We quietly made the switch last year and since then, we have received great feedback from our customers. We went big when switching to our new patty, going for a 143 gram patty, almost 20 percent larger than our previous option.

If you’ve tried one of our New & Improved burgers recently, we’d love to hear what you think! Leave us a review on Google, or tag us in your posts on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok.

We are so pleased to hear what you’ve all had to say about our change so far & we hope to continue bringing new and exciting Burgies updates to you all.

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