Burgies Campbellfield COVID-19 update

Burgies Campbellfield COVID-19 update

We regret to inform you that a staff member at Burgies Campbellfield has tested positive for Covid-19. Burgies Campbellfield has been declared a Tier 1 Exposure Site and is currently closed. All of our staff have been informed and will be isolating for 14 days. We are currently in discussion with authorities and are awaiting further advice.

The times of exposure as we are currently aware are:Thursday 16th September (5pm – 11:20pm)
Friday 17th September (4pm – 11:30pm)

If you have attended our store during these times, you are advised to get tested and follow DHHS procedure. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by this and will continue to keep you all informed as soon as we receive more information.

We wish our staff member all the best in their recovery & we hope all of our customers are safe & well.

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