Sprucing up the place

When we were having a close look at our decor recently, we identified a few parts that weren’t up to our standard. We decided to put the work in to make sure our space was fresh, unique and inviting for our Burgies Fam.

Our first improvement we decided to make was to redesign our roadside signs. For most people driving down Sydney Road, these are our first point of contact with our potential customers, so we needed to lead with our best foot forward and show them what we have to offer.


We then designed signs for our shopfront, showing our customers our newer options, which we’ve been posting to our socials (@burgiesburgers on instagram & facebook). We are proud to display our New Mac & Cheese range, Dessert Burgies, Freshly Churned Gelato Thickshakes & Waffle Cheese Fries! We hope our new displays help whet your appetite.


Moving indoors, we had the opportunity to have LED Neon Flex signs designed for our dining area, so we jumped at the chance! We love how they turned out and are really pleased to display them in a position of prominence. We feel our signs fits in really well with our indoor up-cycled/ eco-friendly decor. The LED lights consume a fraction of the power as neon lights and the materials they are made from are eco-friendlier than glass & neon gas.


Our final change was to revamp our menus. With new digital screens and slick animated menu displays, your ordering experience couldn’t be easier! We’ve never had more imagery of our delicious food & we’re so proud to display what we have to offer


We are in the process of implementing many of these improvements at our Hoppers location, since we are so happy with how they turned out. Keep an eye out in the next weeks!