House-made Three Cheese Sauce

House-made Three Cheese Sauce

We are very proud of our Three Cheese Sauce. It’s unlike any other offered, and everything about it represents our dedication to quality at Burgies.

We have yet to find a cheese sauce being offered on the market that isn’t made with processed cheese. This is because making a sauce out of a non-processed cheese, without artificial preservatives and emulsifiers takes a lot of effort & finesse. We believe the results are well worth the effort, which is why when we designed our Burgies Menu, we put months into perfecting our cheese sauce recipe. This R&D definitely paid off, because we are incredibly proud of the end result.

Our sauce is made with a secret three-cheese blend, each cheese being of very high quality and aged for over a year before going in our sauce. Unlike the typical neon-orange, processed “cheese” sauce, we are sure that you will agree, our House-Made Sauce tastes is knocking it out of the park in the flavor department.

Our Sauce is made fresh at least twice daily, for lunch and dinner, so we can ensure the quality & consistency of each batch. During our late rush hours, we will often make a third batch of cheese sauce, to be certain of the freshness. You can find our sauce served with our Waffle Cheese Fries, our Dripping Chicken Burgie, or served separately for whatever you want to enjoy it with.

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