Serious Sides

Here at Burgies, we’re really excited about our sides. We did away with restraint and went completely overboard with what we offer. Variety is the Name-of-the-Game here, because we want you to be able to customize your options to your preference.

Our Waffle Cheese Fries are perfect for accompanying any of our burgers, and are also available loaded with your choice of our range of toppings, including; Fresh Chilli Salsa, Avocado, Jalapenos, Diced red onion & Aioli.

Our Char-grilled Chicken Ribs are available with three delicious sauces: BBQ, Chilli & Satay. They taste like real ribs should, juicy, meaty and lathered with our delicious sauces, what better way to complete a meal.

It’s no surprise to us that our sides are such a hit, when we went as hard as we did! ?

Dessert Delivered

Everyone loves Friday, the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. Whether you’re spending your Friday Night in, or going out, our Dessert Burgies are the perfect way to end the week.

For y’all that like to stay in on Friday Night & unwind, our Burgies Delivery has you covered. Dinner straight to your door is only a few taps on your phone away. Our Dessert Burgies are the definition of Comfort Food, so what better way to relax than with Burgies?

For those that prefer to spend Friday Night out celebrating the end of the work week, we’ve got you covered too. Every Friday & Saturday Night, we extend our opening hours by an hour, so we can sort you out with Dinner, or your Late Night Dessert fixes.

No matter how you choose to end your week, we’re here to help provide a little sweetness ?

New Small Thickshakes!

Due to popular demand, we are excited to announce that we are now offering our Thickshakes in a new, small size!


Our Small Thickshakes are perfect alongside your favorite meal, or as an on-the-go option to beat the summer heat. Available in the ten bold flavors you’ve come to know and love.

Try one today! Swing by and grab one, or order online and have Burgies brought directly to your door.